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In Ernest Hemingway’s novel “The Sun Also Rises”, there is a dialogue “How did you go bankrupt?”.

The response is “gradually and then suddenly”..

It is so apt..

While reading about NPAs and the resolution process, I read a column…

Hey Siri! Is the management ethical?

 Hey Siri! Is the management ethical? There are many questions that Siri cannot answer. This is just one of them.  Whether the management is ethical and works as a trustee for shareholders…

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw- On Leadership and Discipline

While going through the old readings, I found this incisive and witty speech of Field Marshal Manekshaw. The speech continues to be as didactive and refreshing as it would have been 19 years back, when delivered.  Link

Session at MDI- Corrigendum

A reader pointed out that the order of 5 steps in presentation and the internship note was different. In the presentation, the downside risks come before management while in the internship note, I have mentioned management before downside risks. Thank…

Session at MDI

I had the privilege to speak at Bakshi Sir’s class yesterday. It was a quite an interactive session with the upcoming batch of value investors. Please find the abridged presentation :   Link Also, in conjunction find a note…


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In the field of investing, numerous luminaries have given invaluable contributions to the pool of knowledge. I asked myself: How can I contribute? The idea of providing an investment internship originated from that thought.

I started this program last year and it has been quite a satisfying experience. The response and hard work put in by the candidates encourages me to continue with it.